moversYou’ve sketched out the perfect blueprint for your home renovation, but now you need help moving furniture from the guest bedroom to that brand-new home office space in the basement. You know the items are too bulky to handle on your own, but who do you call? The best answer: Professional movers.

Can You Hire Someone To Help Move Your Furniture?

Many moving companies provide in-home moving and heavy lifting services in addition to house-to-house moves. If you’re placing new furniture, rearranging bulky pieces, or moving furniture in or out for home staging purposes, your best bet is to hire a local furniture moving service to get the job done.

When searching for the right pro to help you move furniture pieces, look for moving companies that advertise in-house furniture moving and rearranging in their list of services. Then, when you contact your shortlist of moving companies for a price estimate, include a description of the type and weight of the furniture you’d like to move.

It’s also helpful to provide details about potential moving obstacles in your home, like stairs or narrow hallways. That way, you can find and hire the best moving company for your specific task.

Benefits of Hiring Movers for Heavy Lifting

Hiring movers to tote your furniture and other heavy items from room to room can leave you the time and peace of mind to focus on staying calm amid the stress of a big move.

Experienced movers offer not only the strength required to lift the items you cannot, but they also possess the supplies and know-how required to ensure that your valuables get where they need to go without being damaged in transit. They will also get the job done much faster than you’d be able to on your own.

moversHow Much Does It Cost to Get Help Moving Furniture?

When hiring movers to transport heavy items within a single home, expect to pay somewhere between $70 to $400 on average, and as much as $600 if the job involves a large number of bulky, especially heavy, or irregularly shaped items.

Also, keep in mind that many moving companies in Myrtle Beach will have minimum charges. So if you’re only dealing with a single piece of furniture, it might be worth waiting until you have more to move since two-to-three items may very well be the same cost as a single one at the minimum rate.


Of course, you could always do the lifting yourself. However, if you could easily handle the items in question, you probably wouldn’t be here.

Still, there are good reasons to consider hiring movers in Myrtle Beach to help with the job even in cases where you or other household members are physically strong enough to lift the items on your own. Lifting more weight than your body can handle, or doing so without the proper technique, can lead to injury further down the line, even if you complete the move intact.

Be honest with yourself about how much you can carry and make sure to keep your stance wide, squat down with your knees and hips, and maintain proper posture as you lift slowly using your legs.


Can I Hire Other Types of Pros to Move Something Heavy?

A moving company isn’t necessarily the only place you will find laborers who will move your heavy items for a fee.

Many handyperson services would gladly take the job, but their minimum hourly fee will likely cost more than what you’d pay a moving company in Myrtle Beach with rates designed just for this type of job. There’s also no guarantee that the handyperson would be particularly knowledgeable or experienced about transporting heavy items, meaning a greater risk of damage to your belongings.

Many freelance labour-finding services also advertise heavy listing assistance—and, of course, you could always ask a friend or family member for help. However, these approaches carry their own additional risks, not only to the condition of your belongings but also the legal liability you would hold if someone got injured on the job.

Can I Hire Someone To Help Me Move Furniture for Staging?

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’re likely considering staging your home to make it look as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. Whether you’re using your furniture for staging or renting new pieces, you’ll likely need help rearranging furniture items to prepare for staged photos or walk-throughs.

To save your back, consider hiring professional movers for this task. You can direct them on how to move or arrange large items, like furniture, grandfather clocks, and artwork, however, you like. If you’re working with a professional staging team, consult them about whether they have a preferred moving team that they work with frequently.

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