moving In our blog series, we’re committed to helping you find the right moving company for a smooth, stress-free transition to your new home. Part 1 emphasizes the importance of preparation and offers essential tips.

We’ve covered effective time management, defining your needs, considering distance, handling specialized items, and prioritizing your family’s well-being during the move. In Part 2, we discussed the steps for choosing a reputable moving company. In Part 3, we’ll continue exploring the crucial aspects of selecting the perfect moving partner.

Step 14: Initial Contact

By now, you’ve likely gathered recommendations, scoured through reviews, and considered ratings to narrow down your list of potential moving companies. However, the big question remains: which one should you entrust with your move? The responsibility of finding the right answer to this puzzling question falls squarely on your shoulders.

In essence, it’s time to make the first move – to contact the professional movers you’ve singled out. This initial contact is crucial as it offers you a firsthand glimpse into the level of professionalism and reliability that residential movers embody.

Step 15: Accurate Price Estimation

As you progress in your quest to choose a dependable moving company, one burning question is likely at the forefront of your mind: what will it cost?

Knowing the approximate cost of your impending move is paramount because, more often than not, this cost becomes the deciding factor.

You require an accurate price estimation, and you need it promptly. To achieve this, reach out to your pre-selected movers and request on-site estimates. Phone estimates, unfortunately, cannot provide the level of precision you require.

Step 16: Types of Moving Estimates

Understanding the significance of accurate price estimates cannot be overstated. When seeking reliable movers, it’s essential to recognize that there are two primary types of moving estimates: binding and non-binding quotes.


Following the completion of the in-home survey, local movers are obligated to furnish you with an estimate encompassing transportation costs and any additional services necessary to complete your move.

Step 17: Home Survey Concerns

The home survey serves as the ideal platform to voice any concerns you might have about your move. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to identify potential issues and obstacles that your movers could encounter on moving day. This includes factors like tight corners, steep or numerous flights of stairs, cramped elevators, narrow hallways, and more.

Step 18: Proper Moving Insurance

During in-home visits by movers in Myrtle Beach, the focus extends beyond estimating costs; it also involves assessing potential risks on moving day. If you possess high-value or valuable items, it’s advisable to discuss acquiring suitable moving insurance with the moving company’s specialist.

Adequate insurance provides reassurance that your prized possessions are protected in case of mishaps during transport, effectively reducing your stress levels.

Step 19: Dispute Settlement Policy

Moving to a new residence can be a chaotic and unpredictable experience where unfortunate incidents can occur unexpectedly. This underscores the importance of considering adequate protection for your valuable possessions, as previously advised.

Take the initiative to contact your chosen Myrtle Beach movers and inquire about their dispute settlement policy. Understanding your options for addressing post-move complaints about damaged or lost items is vital.

Step 20: All the Hard Questions

Selecting a reputable moving company in Myrtle Beach hinges on your ability to ask the right questions and, perhaps more importantly, knowing how to ask them. Do not hesitate to pose essential questions to your prospective professional movers, as their responses will offer valuable insights into whether they are the suitable choice for your move.

Be courageous in seeking answers to the tough questions, as this courage is likely to yield dividends in the end.

Step 21: Your Rights and Responsibilities

For those embarking on state-to-state residential moves, it’s essential to note that long-distance movers are obliged to provide you with a booklet titled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.”

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