movingSometimes, you may decide to turn your summer home, a place filled with cherished memories, into your main residence. However, before making this move, there are several important things you should consider and plan for. Let’s go through some key moving tips to help you with this transition.

Key Points For A Stress-Free Moving Experience

Make a Plan 

Moving from one place to another  requires careful planning. Especially when it involves turning your beloved summer home into your permanent residence. Since you’ll be moving from your primary residence, which may be fully furnished, you’ll need to decide which items to take. Use  some time to carefully consider what possessions are essential to you and what you can live without.

Downsize Your Possessions

One of the key steps in transitioning to your summer home as your main residence is downsizing your possessions. Your summer home likely comes with its own set of furniture, appliances, and other items.  This means you’ll need to assess what you already have in both spaces.

To start

  • conduct a thorough inventory of your belongings in each location
  • pay special attention to duplicate items
  • Decide which items you’ll keep and which ones you can sell, donate, or discard. For example, if your vacation property has better cookware or appliances, it makes sense to keep those and let go of the ones in your primary residence. The same goes for towels, linens, lawn care tools, and other items found in both places.

movingIf your summer home is in a different climate than your primary residence, consider revamping your wardrobe accordingly. Say goodbye to clothing that is no longer weather-appropriate and embrace clothing suitable for your new environment.

Hosting a garage sale at one or both properties can be a practical way to efficiently downsize your possessions. And even earn some extra cash for the move.

Curate the Décor and the Floorplan

Your summer home is likely designed for relaxed and casual living, especially if it’s situated near the ocean or in a resort community. As you transition to living there full-time, think about how well the items from your primary residence fit into this more laid-back atmosphere. Consider the décor, furnishings, and even the colors used in both spaces. You might find that some pieces from your primary residence blend seamlessly with your summer home’s vibe, while others may not be as suitable.

Also think about how you’ll be using the space. Are you planning to convert a bedroom into a home office or transform a screened porch into a Carolina room? Take pictures of your summer home’s interior or create a basic floor plan. This visual aid can help you make decisions about the layout and functionality of your new living space.

Get Acquainted with Your Community

movingMoving from being a seasonal resident to a year-round one brings unique challenges, particularly in resort areas. While these places may be bustling with activity during the vacation season, they can quiet down during the off-season, with many services and amenities operating on limited schedules or even closing temporarily.

Aside from hiring a moving company, you also need to do some research. To avoid surprises during your move and help you settle in smoothly, take time to research your new community online. Learn about the off-season services and facilities available, so you can plan accordingly. It’s also a good idea to explore ways to connect with your new neighbors and become a part of the year-round community.

Avoid Surprises

Beyond the matters of décor and downsizing, making your summer home your permanent residence may have legal and tax implications that you need to be aware of. While the article doesn’t provide specific advice on this matter, it strongly recommends seeking guidance from legal and financial experts who can provide personalized information based on your individual circumstances. Ensuring that you are well-informed about any legal and tax-related aspects will help you avoid unexpected issues in the future.

Consider Professional Movers

Even when moving to a familiar place like your summer home, the process can be overwhelming. To make your relocation hassle-free, Coastal Furniture Delivery & Moving offers full-service moving packages that can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you require assistance with packing, unpacking, or arranging furniture, their professional movers are ready to help you with the heavy lifting. With their expertise, you can enjoy a smoother transition to your new permanent residence without the stress of handling everything on your own.

Call Coastal Furniture Delivery & Moving now if you need the help of a team of experts for your upcoming move.

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