moversMoving is not for those who are weak of heart. From stories of broken, lost and stolen items to unexpected charges added to a high bill, it’s not a job that anyone can do. After recently helping my mother with a move and downsizing, I learned some things about hiring professional movers. Read on to learn eight tips for a smooth move.

Dealing With Movers

1. Do thorough research on movers. You’ve probably heard horror stories of movers who recklessly steal, lose, or damage belongings. But with some diligence, you can ensure that you choose a licensed, reputable Myrtle Beach moving company with plenty of experience. Before hiring, check reviews, Better Business Bureau scores and references. You should also consider purchasing insurance to cover your possessions in case of an accident.

2. Do not wait until the last minute to book your movers. Get on the schedule of a moving company by looking early.

3. Assess your possessions honestly before you get a quote. The worst case scenario is that your moving company will charge you more if you bring in more than you agreed to. You may also find that you are paying more for your move if you reduce your possessions significantly between the time you get your quote and your moving day.

Be upfront if you need flexibility for truck space. You can pay per foot with some moving companies, meaning you only pay for the space that you actually use. This usually involves sharing space, and your belongings are divided by a locked partition in the truck.

movers4. Do not assume that professional movers and packers label boxes. Ask about the policy of professional packers on labeling boxes if you plan to hire them. If they do not label, which is surprisingly common, plan to be there while the packers are working (a good idea in any case) and label each box when it’s finished.

When packing, label your boxes with both your last name and the room name in your new house where you would like the box to be placed. Use language that is understandable to the movers when labeling rooms. For example, instead of “Katie’s room,” label a box as “Upstairs Small Bedroom.”

5. Avoid long-carry charges by blocking out parking close to your home in advance. You may be charged a “long-carry” fee if your movers cannot park their truck near your home. The longer the movers must walk to deliver each item, then the more time it will take. Do everything you can to ensure there is a place for the truck to be parked close to your home, both at the old and new houses. You might want to inform your neighbors, park your vehicles in the nearest spaces, or place cones and signs on the area in front of your home the day before the move.

6. Measure openings in your new house. After a harrowing attempt to fit a large sofa into a narrow stairway, I learned the importance of measuring stairwells and doorways in advance. Our movers finally gave up. You may have to give up valuable furniture if it doesn’t fit. Or, if the item is absolutely essential, you might need to hire hoisting services. These are expensive and not always available.

7. Read the fine print. You’ll have to sign the bill and inventory sheet before the movers depart at the end the day. You may be tempted to sign the papers that are placed in front of your face, but you should take time to read them.

Check that all the items that were in the truck have arrived. Check the bill to make sure that there aren’t any extra charges. It’s easy to miss things, especially if you share space. So, checking inside the truck just before it leaves is best. Look closely: Small (but essential) items such as drawer knobs or shelf brackets are easily overlooked on the truck’s floor.

8. The rest can wait. The movers should move heavy furniture and rugs. Ideally, you will already have a floorplan of your new room with the furniture locations marked. If you haven’t organized anything so elaborate, don’t worry. You can decide where to put things when you arrive at the new location.

Find the box containing your bedding. You’ll be ready to enjoy a restful night! Call Coastal Furniture Delivery & Moving now if you’re looking for reputable movers.

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