movingMoving is not free for everyone. The expenses can quickly add up, causing unnecessary stress for those who are struggling to make ends meet. We are experts in keeping your spending under control and can help you to move within a budget without losing your mind.

The following ten tips will help you move on a budget. Create a moving checklist that you can modify and edit as you plan your move before diving into these practical money-saving tips.

Budgeting Tips That You Can’t Ignore When Moving

1. Sell the excess and declutter your house.

You can earn money by moving in Myrtle Beach. Gather some unwanted items that you can sell. If you decide that these items are not worth the hassle, time and cost of moving, then sell them. Sell them and use the money to pay for your moving costs.

Some decisions are simpler than others. For example, selling an old television that no one wants. There are also more difficult decisions to make. If you don’t play the piano that you learned to play as a child, it might make sense to sell it to someone who can use it.

After you have made a mental list of the items that you will not be packing, you need to decide how you are going to get rid of them and earn the most money.

How to dispose of unwanted items:

  • Host a garage sale or estate sale.
  • Sell online with apps such as Wallapop and OfferUp.
  • List your items in a Facebook group for the neighborhood or on Nextdoor.
  • Barter with friends and family.

2. Donate bulky items that you cannot sell.

Donate what you cannot sell. Thrift stores are perfect for easy and quick donations. Some thrift shops have drive-up access to their garages. You drive into the shop, unload all your goods, and then someone will wait to provide you with a receipt.

Request an itemized donation receipt to deduct the donation from your taxes.

3. Reuse packing materials that are cheap or free.

Packing materials are expensive. Use household items instead of an oversized bubble wrap roll.

Save money by using packing materials:

  • You can use socks to wrap your glassware.
  • To separate plates, kitchen towels work well.
  • Use the original packaging for transferring what was originally in it, or use them to protect more expensive items.

Buy moving boxes as little as possible. Search on Craigslist or other sites to find people who are willing to give away moving boxes for free.

4. Before moving, measure the access points.

We’ve heard many stories about the sectional sofa that just couldn’t fit through the doorway. A king-sized mattress that couldn’t fit up the stairs of a home. Do not make the mistake of judging size by looking at it.

moving5. Do not overspend on your new home.

The trick to moving within a budget involves a mental approach. Even though it may be tempting to purchase items for your new house, remember that you aren’t there yet. You may be tempted to click “Add to Cart” but resist the urge. Commit to a temporary spending freeze while you are moving.


  • To save money when moving, try to only buy what you really need.
  • You should not decorate your new home until you are actually there.
  • You may be impulsive in your spending because you visualize the things you want in each room.
  • The less you purchase now, the greater the savings and the fewer things you will have to move when you move.

6. You can ask your employer for reimbursement.

Ask your employer if he will reimburse you for moving costs or compensate you for relocation before accepting a job in a different state. You would be surprised at how much some employers are willing to reimburse.

Your moving costs may be tax deductible if your employer does not compensate you. Consult your tax advisor or accountant to find out if you qualify for a tax write-off.

7. Consider whether you need to spend money on moving services.

When moving on a tight budget, hiring friends or movers can be a wise decision. You may want to bribe friends with pizza and beer, but it is sometimes better to hire professionals.

Before hiring movers, ask these questions:

  • Can my friends safely move heavy furniture?
  • How much stuff will I need to move?
  • Do I move far away?
  • Asking friends for advice, how much can I save?
  • Do I need to move any furniture that is valuable?
  • Do I need to move a pool table, piano or other complicated item?

Moving companies are expensive, but their efficiency and speed can save you many more headaches.

8. Avoid moving during busy seasons.

You may not be able to control this but try to avoid moving in the high season (May-September). You will find that rates are cheaper, and it is easier to schedule the move during the off-season.

9. Compare prices to get the best deals.

Even if you can only do it temporarily, find as many ways to reduce your monthly expenses as possible.

If you’re moving to a different area, it is a great time to look for new cable and satellite providers who offer 12-month specials. You’ll want to compare the offers by knowing how much it will cost once the 12-month special has expired and what the contract terms are.

Consider cancelling your TV or Internet service early before you move. If you can, try to survive on the Wi-Fi of your smartphone before packing.

10. When you are in a hurry, use self-storage.

Renting a self-storage unit is a good option if you are moving temporarily or have a period between the time you must leave your current home and when your new one is ready.

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