long distance movingWhether you’re moving to a new place in another part of the country or just a few hundred miles away, you’ll need some great tips to make it happen smoothly. From the time you decide to move until your stuff arrives at your new home, these long distance moving tips will help you stay on track.

Tips to Get Ready for Long Distance Moving

Some moves are simple, where you just load your stuff in a van and go. But a long distance move needs more planning. These tips will help you get ready for a successful move:

  • Plan Ahead: Moving all your things a long way needs a plan. Write down all the things you need to do.
  • Stick to a Schedule: After making a plan, stick to it. Some tasks, like setting up utilities or enrolling kids in school, have deadlines. Put these tasks on your calendar or set reminders on your phone.
  • Get Estimates: To find the right moving company, get estimates from at least three. Do this about four weeks before you move.
  • Choose a Good Company: Don’t just pick the cheapest option. The most reliable and trustworthy company is often the best choice, even if it costs a bit more.
  • Update Your Documents: Change your address on your driver’s license and other important papers. Do this early so you won’t have problems later.
  • Get Moving Insurance: Check what your home and auto insurance cover for moving. You might need extra insurance if you have valuable stuff.


Packing Tips for a Long Move

Packing for long distance moving to Myrtle Beach is a special challenge. These tips will help you save money, downsize, and make sure everything gets to your new place safely:

  • List Your Stuff: Write down everything you have. Use an app or a notebook. This list will help you make sure nothing gets lost.
  • Plan Where Things Go: Measure the space in your new home. Make sure your furniture fits. Don’t rely just on square footage.
  • Downsize: Get rid of things you don’t use, need, or love. Sell them, donate them, or have a garage sale. This will make your move cheaper and easier.
  • long distance movingPack Essentials: Put aside things you need for the first few weeks, like towels, bedding, and some kitchen stuff. Pack a suitcase with personal things you’ll need right away.
  • Pack Carefully: Wrap fragile stuff well, like in bubble wrap or old clothes. Keep fragile things together and mark boxes clearly.
  • Organize as You Pack: Pack by room or area, like everything from your desk in one box. Number the boxes and keep a list so you know what’s inside.
  • Label Boxes: Write your name on every box so they don’t get mixed up with others. You can even add your phone number just in case.
  • Consider Professional Help: If you’re in a hurry or don’t have time, you can hire professional movers in Myrtle Beach to pack and organize for you. It can be expensive, so think about your budget.
  • Save Money: When trying to save money, do as much as you can yourself. Ask friends for help with packing, cleaning, and organizing.

Tips for the Actual Long Move

Now that you’re ready for your long distance moving from Myrtle Beach, these tips will help you get everything to your new home safely:

  • Move Off-Season: Long distance moving in the summer can be expensive. Try moving in the off-season to save money.
  • Drive or Ship Your Car: If you’re moving within the country, you can drive your car. For longer distances, plan to ship your car.
  • Plan for Delivery: Your stuff might not arrive right away. Plan for the wait and have essentials with you.
  • Be Ready to Move In: Make sure there’s space for the moving truck to park at your new place. Know the parking rules and any building requirements.
  • Check Your Belongings: Before your local movers leave, double-check that everything arrived safely. Use your inventory list to make sure nothing’s missing.
  • Tip the Movers: Thank your movers by giving them a tip. You can also offer snacks and drinks. Check with your moving company to find out the usual tipping amount.

With these tips in mind, your long-distance move should go smoothly. If you need professional help, give Coastal Furniture Delivery & Moving a call now.

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