movingMoving can be stressful enough, without having to worry about whether your belongings will arrive in perfect condition at your new home. Packing fragile items like dishes, glasses, and electrical appliances is a must when moving.

Packing and Moving Tips For Fragile Items,  Reducing the Risk of Accidents

List of Fragile Items

By knowing which items are most likely to be damaged, you can give them extra care.

  • Drinking glasses. Wine glasses, pint glasses, and mugs can all break in moving chaos.
  • Plates: If you are not careful, plates and other delicate glassware may chip and break.

  • Artworks: Be careful when moving your artwork into your new home.
  • Lampshades: They are prone to denting, bending and even breaking.
  • Cleaning Products: If you make a mistake, cleaning products can spill all over your place.
  • Champagne Bottles: You’ve been saving champagne bottles in the hope that you can pop them open when you move. Keep it somewhere safe.
  • Mirrors: Breaking a glass mirror can be bad luck. This is especially true when moving.
  • Fragile Items: These fragile items are also susceptible to cracks and drops.
  • Electronics: Take special care with electronic items, such as TVs and gaming consoles.
  • Books: During a move, your books may suffer from ripped pages and stained or dented covers.

Packing fragile items for a move?

When you encounter each item type while packing, remember the following tips.

1. Glassware can be protected by using special boxes

The glassware during a move is particularly fragile. However, investing in proper packaging can make a huge difference. Specially designed boxes are available for different types of fragile objects. These boxes are designed to protect your fragile items.

Use dish packs for dishware. The box is double-walled for added protection. Always wrap the plates in paper and cushion the sides and base with crumpled-up paper.

Mirrors are best packed in flat boxes. Mirrors can easily be broken during a move. However, by wrapping them in flat boxes they will have less room to slide about.

Pack tech items using the original packaging or double corrugated boxes. Use the original packaging for tech items like stereos or record players. Use double-corrugated cardboard boxes or dish packs to protect fragile tech items.

Cell boxes are great for wine bottles and glassware. Cell boxes are divided to keep small items such as stemware, wine bottles, glasses, and stemware from moving around.

moving2. Label boxes so you know how to handle them

Labeling your boxes is an essential moving tip, but it’s not just for you to know where they go after the move. Label all boxes that may contain breakable items, such as art, glassware, or tech. Be bold and write “fragile”.

3. Wrap delicate items in paper or bubble wrap

  • Filling any voids or empty spaces with bubble wrap or paper is one of the best ways to prevent damage.
  • Fill the inside of glasses and vases with paper.
  • Wrap fragile art in bubble wrap or paper.
  • Fill in any gaps within a box using crumpled-up paper or bubble wrap. This will prevent items from moving.

4. Pack Lampshades Alone

Lampshades can be damaged in unexpected ways. Pack each lampshade in its own box, wrap it with bubble wrap, and stuff the interior with crumpled papers. Avoid placing anything else on top of your lampshade as this could cause it to tear or crumple.

5. Seal Cleaning Liquids and Other Products

Sealing liquids and cleaners to prevent leakage is important. Seal each bottle as follows:

  • Remove the cap
  • Over the opening, place a piece of plastic wrap.
  • Replace the cap.
  • Cover the cap completely with tape and secure it to the bottle.
  • Pack the cleaning supplies in a mop bucket, or cleaner caddy if possible. Then, place them inside a larger container.

6. To Prevent Box Shifting, Pad the Base of The Box

It’s essential to cushion the bottom of the box no matter what fragile item you pack in it. Use paper or bubble wrap. This will add a layer of protection if your box is jostled or bumped by keeping items like plates and vases from moving around.

7. Use sturdy boxes for heavy, breakable items

Boxes that are thick and sturdy will be less likely to collapse under the weight of fragile objects. Choose boxes that are specifically designed for moving. Look for options marked as heavy-duty or durable. Local restaurants and liquor stores may also have reliable moving boxes.

8. The heaviest items should be placed at the bottom of the box

Start with the heaviest item when packing multiple items into a box. This will give you more support. This will prevent the box from being top-heavy, causing it to fall over or collapse in the middle. Place smaller and lighter items at the top of the box to protect them.

If you are packing kitchenware you would want to place your favorite casserole dish on the bottom and your coffee mugs, which have been well-wrapped, at the top.

9. Use Extra Tape to Secure the Bottom Of A Box

  • Use as much packing tape as you can to secure each box.
  • Use heavy-duty packing tape to seal boxes.
  • Add some tape where the cardboard meets.
  • Tape in both directions to increase support.

10. Working with a moving company to prevent damage

Hire a local moving service to assist you in packing and moving your items. Professional moving companies know how to move items expertly and with care. Local moving companies can pack fragile items and load them on a truck to move them to your destination.

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