moving How many boxes will I need to move? This age-old question is not rocket science but it’s also not the easiest to calculate. If you’re buying packing supplies, don’t waste money by purchasing too many moving boxes. If you are collecting boxes to move, (bonus points if they’re recycled!) then do so. You don’t have to make the search for boxes competitive.

How can you determine the exact amount to spend on a successful move? We’ve got you covered.

How many boxes you need will be based on your home’s size

This is an estimate of how many boxes you’ll need to move based on the size and shape of your home.

  • Studio apartment: 10-20 boxes
  • One-bedroom apartment: 20-40 box
  • Two-bedroom apartment: 40-60 cartons
  • 2 bedroom house: 60 to 80 boxes
  • 3 bedroom house: 80 to 100 boxes
  • 4 bedroom house: 100 to 120 boxes
  • More than 120 boxes

These rough Packing and moving guidelines are a great place to start, but don’t take into account the size, shape, or quantity of your items. Next, let’s get into it.

What Types of Boxes Do You Need?

What if you have a four-bedroom house but live a minimalist life, with a capsule closet and reading materials on a thin tablet? You may need fewer boxes in this situation than suggested.

What if your tiny studio apartment is stacked floor-to-ceiling with books? Vinyl records? Maybe even the little plastic figures that resemble characters from movies and TV? All of these things vary in weight and size, so you will need to find the right box for them to move to your new home.

Take stock of your belongings to determine the type of box you need. You can, for example:

Small boxes (about 1,5 cubic feet)

For small and heavy items, such as stacks of books, smaller boxes are the best. Filling a large box with books is not a good idea unless you have a forklift on hand for the moving day.

Medium Boxes (1.5-3 cubic feet)

The boxes are large enough to pack your entire home, but not too big. Medium boxes could probably pack your entire home.

movingFill medium boxes half full with heavy items such as books and the remainder with lighter items, like towels or sheets.

Large boxes (2.5 to 3 cubic feet)

This box size is perfect for both heavier and larger items. You can stack shoeboxes into a larger box, or you can fill it with pillows and linens.

Extra-large boxes (3.6+ Cubic Feet)

These big boxes are great for storing large items or those with odd shapes, as well as blankets and other lightweight items. Stop and check that you are not overfilling the boxes. Otherwise, you will be unable to move them.

Specialty boxes

It’s worth investing in boxes made specifically for your items if you have a large number of them.

Book boxes are ideal for shelves and shelves of books. Choose 12″ x12″ boxes (one cubic foot). Hardcovers and paperbacks will fit in most boxes. Even if they are full, the box shouldn’t be heavy.

Choose dish barrel boxes if you want your china to arrive intact. These corrugated cardboard boxes are strong enough to protect delicate items. Remember to mark the box “fragile”, and do not stack any other boxes on top.

Wardrobe boxes are a great way to organize your clothes. You don’t need to waste time folding them up to put in boxes. You can fold up sweaters and t-shirts to stuff in boxes, but you can also put items on hangers inside wardrobe boxes. The extra-large wardrobe boxes have a rod in them so you can hang your clothes. You can empty your closets within minutes.

It’s a good idea to sort through your clothes to see what you can donate or sell.

Declutter Your Pack

It’s not a good idea to unpack at your new home and find tons of trash that you should have thrown out. By bringing unwanted items to your new house, you will waste money and time–especially if you hired professional movers.

It is stressful enough to move without having to worry about running out of packing supplies. You can pack more efficiently and faster by taking the time to calculate how many boxes you’ll need, based on what you own.

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