movingMoving anywhere requires planning, coordination, and efficient execution. Moving across the country, or even to a different state is a completely different experience. If you want to make your long-distance move stress-free, you need to know what to do.

Are you interested in learning more about how to plan for a long-distance move? Follow these tips for planning and moving and you will be set up for a successful move.

Be Organized When Packing Your Bags

Set aside a box to hold items you’ll need immediately after moving in. Mark each box indicating your name, where the box will be placed, and what’s inside. Number each box to make it easy to identify if one is missing. Labeling your boxes will make it easier to find them.

Purge Your House

It makes no sense to pay for moving items you won’t use in your new home. You probably won’t need winter clothes if you are moving to a warm climate. You can do the same with kitchenware or clothing you won’t use. Donate, sell, or throw away unwanted and unused items rather than spending time moving and packing them.

Pack your boxes for the long haul

You will need to pack your items appropriately because they may be on the truck for several days. Use special boxes for items such as dishes, stemware, and electronics.

Budget and Plan Your Trip Accordingly

You and your family should budget for the cost of gas, food, and hotel rooms if you intend to stop. Budget for travel by plane or train. But don’t forget some extra money!

We can tell clients who ask “how to prepare” for a long-distance move that they should be prepared for everything and carry small amounts of cash. Delays, car trouble, forgotten snacks. Prepared movers will finish their day with less stress and more success.

Use Portable Storage

Moving by traditional methods requires hours of unloading and shifting. There are also scheduling problems that can arise. Portable storage units are a great solution for those who want to plan a long-distance move. The units are spacious and can be reserved weeks in advance. They can then be loaded by yourself or your moving company. The portable units can be loaded and transported safely to your new home. This reduces the risks associated with long-distance moves.

Choose a Mover after doing your homework

Select a moving company that has experience in long-distance relocations. You should choose a mover who is licensed, registered, and bonded. Ask about insurance to protect your possessions. Purchase additional insurance in advance if you need it.

Check your move-in situation before the move

You will need to check if your road allows for larger trucks like tractor-trailers. You may need to use a shuttle service if the roads are not suitable. This could increase your moving costs. Check to see if the new city requires your mover to possess a parking permit. Check with the building manager if you are moving into an apartment or condo to find out if the building only allows movers at certain times or days.

You can find out your delivery date or window

Some moving companies won’t give you an exact date of delivery. They may give you a window of delivery that is 20 days long or more. You should have enough clothing and personal items to last you and your family until your belongings arrive.

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