packingIt doesn’t take months to pack for a major move. It may surprise you, but many people can pack their homes in just a few days. Here are some packing tips you need to know.

12 tips for making the packing process easier and quicker.

1. Do not panic!

Take a deep breath and write down a list. This list will include the items that must be packed and what supplies you’ll need (such as tape and moving boxes). It should also indicate what order to pack each room.

This list will help you pack the house quickly. It will help to keep you focused on your task and feel good when you cross each item off the list.

2. Purge all your possessions.

Purge your belongings first. Before you start packing, get rid of everything you can.

Walk through your entire home with a garbage bag. You will feel liberated when you get rid of the things that you no longer need. Throw out broken toys, expired medicines, and puzzles that have missing pieces. Be sure that everything you have left is complete or in excellent condition.

3. Pack kitchen breakables.

Start packing your kitchen glasses and dishes. Use soft materials that you already have to pack these breakables. This will save you time and money.

Grab your large towels and beach towels first. Place them at the bottom to absorb any possible shocks or shifting during your move.

Grab more towels, dishrags, linens and T-shirts. These items can be used to wrap fragile items, so that packing up the entire house will take less effort.

Tip: As you fill up your moving boxes, label them with permanent markers. List the contents of each box and its number. It will save you time in the future when you are trying to find things quickly.

4. Leave dresser drawers full.

Save time by leaving your clothes in drawers. You can take the drawers out of the dresser to move them with the contents. A drawer filled with clothes is more organized and easier to move than an entire dresser.

5. Closet cleaning.

You can easily move your clothes into wardrobe boxes that come with rods to hang things up. After moving, you simply put your clothes into the wardrobe box, seal it up and then unpack the box to hang them in your new closet.

Pack your shelves with shoes, sweatpants, and sweaters into boxes of medium size. Label the boxes, and make sure to add them to your list.

Tip: When packing your closet, use an extra shoebox or clear container to store the odd and ends you find. These can include buttons, safety pins, and old letters. You’ll be surprised at what you discover.

6. Pack jewellery and other valuables carefully.

Pack jewellery and valuables with care. These items are sentimental and fragile. You don’t want to lose or tangle your necklaces. I use pill stackers and snack bags to keep jewellery organized.

Don’t put these items into the moving truck. Keep them in your car as you travel to your new house.

packing7. Stack toys.

Toys are usually made of durable materials that won’t break. Pack them in bins or boxes, and then stack them into a larger wardrobe box. It’s always a relief to parents when the toys are packed.

The kids will love bringing all their toys to the new house.

8. Pack up your bedroom.

You can now focus on personal items and accessories. Shoes in one box, and books in another. Continue until you have a box for everything.

Use clothes from the dresser as packing material if any of these items are fragile.

9. Remove all the items from the wall.

Pack wall art with flat cardboard and towels. Wrap the art or photographs in towels, and tape them around each piece. You can then place the wrapped items into a box with a piece of flat cardboard in between to add extra protection. You can find large flat cardboard pieces by cutting up wardrobe boxes.

You can use cardboard pieces to divide your wall art if it doesn’t fit into a box.

Pack fragile kitchen items and small art pieces in the same way.

10. Continue boxing until the end. You’ve accomplished a great deal if you’re at this stage. You just have to finish. You can stay motivated by listening to good music, eating good food, and talking with friends who are willing to assist.

You have already tackled the more difficult parts of your home, so you can now continue to go into each room and put the contents into boxes. Remember any tricks you learned before, like wrapping breakables with clothing.

11. Do a final check.

Once you are done packing, call your friends and congratulate yourself. Ask your friends to help you by ordering pizza and walking around the house. Another set of eyes is sometimes invaluable.

Put anything you find in a container. You can have a variety of boxes as long as you label them on your list. It’s possible that the last items to be packed will be the ones that don’t fit in any other category. Before packing away these items, ask yourself if you still want them.

Make sure that each box has a taped-shut lid, and a number and is listed in your master moving list.

You’re done when all loose items have been packed into the boxes, and they are closed.

12. If needed, hire help.

You can certainly pack in one weekend, but it may not be the best option for everyone. You can hire professional movers to make the process simpler, easier, and more organized.

Consider hiring movers to help you pack if you’re in a hurry and think the cost is worth it. Call Coastal Furniture Delivery & Moving now.

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