moversYou may be considering hiring professional movers as first-timers or perhaps for the first time after several years. You may not be familiar with certain aspects of the moving process, such as basic preparation and simple dos and don’ts. What you need to understand.

Preparation Tips Before Movers Arrive

Don’t Leave Any Surprises

Calling a moving company for a moving quote and to book a move with us will cover several important details. When you contact movers, ask for a moving estimate, and lock in a moving day with us, we will cover several important details.

During this consultation, it is important that you carefully consider your speciality items. We may not be able to move a bulky item if we don’t know about it in advance. This is the fastest way to prolong a professional move. We may need to hire additional manpower or return to our facility for different equipment. We recommend listing your bulkier items before contacting us for an estimation.

DO Prepare for Arrival

It pays to be prepared for your mover experts well in advance. It’s important to consider the layout of your property, the routes that movers may take to get to your home and inside your house and any obstacles or problem areas.

For example, if you live in an enclosed community, you can inform the gate attendant when your moving company is coming. You should also give them a rough timeframe. You should park your vehicle as close as possible to the building if your property only has one parking space. Some situations, like those in apartment buildings, may require you to obtain a parking permit or elevator pass from the building manager. This should be done far ahead of time.

moversDon’t pack heavy items in large boxes

It’s best to avoid storing heavy items in large boxes. They will become too heavy when they are overfilled. Instead, heavy small items should be placed in small boxes, which a single person can easily carry. Lighter items like blankets and pictures can also go into boxes.

Do not forget to pack your belongings before moving day

Our movers offer many services, including packing. However, some clients prefer to pack themselves, which is perfectly fine. If you choose this option, you must finish all major tasks before moving day.

It’s likely that the moving process will be slowed down if you are still packing and organizing items when moving experts arrive. If you are busy with other tasks, it is unlikely that you will have time to help the movers. If movers are forced to search all over your house for boxes and other items instead of having them in one central place, they will be very slow.

Don’t make too many other plans

If you cannot be present due to an emergency, the main recommendation is to move the schedule. We recommend rescheduling the move in the event of an emergency. If this is not possible, we suggest having a representative present to assist movers on the day.

Do not let our movers do their jobs

It’s best to let our movers do their job and not get in the way. There are exceptions, however, such as when homeowners need to help movers determine the best location to move an item. When it comes to packing, organizing, or transferring items in a moving truck, you should leave that to professionals unless otherwise instructed.

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