moving Forgetting important stuff when moving to a new place can be really frustrating. We’re just humans with forgetful minds, not super robots that never forget anything!

But even with all the craziness of moving, it’s crucial to stay organized and make sure you pack things you’ll need in your new home. Here’s a list of 10 common things people forget to pack when they move to a new home:

Don’t Forget To Pack These Things When Moving

Important Papers

These documents are crucial for your identity, legal status, and daily life. Losing them can be a big hassle, so pack them securely in a binder and carry them with you during the move. This includes passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and financial records like bank statements and tax receipts.


Your health is paramount, so don’t forget to pack your medications. Ensure you have an adequate supply for the transition period and check the expiration dates. Running out of necessary medication can lead to health issues and extra stress.


Valuables aren’t just about monetary worth; they often hold sentimental value. Items like jewelry, family heirlooms, and important documents should never be entrusted to movers in Myrtle Beach. Keep them with you to ensure their safety.

Dry Cleaning

It’s easy to overlook clothes left at the dry cleaner’s, especially if they’re out of season or for special occasions. Collecting them before you move ensures you don’t lose valuable clothing items.

moving Paper Plates and Cutlery

When you arrive at your new home, you might not have immediate access to your regular dishes and utensils. Disposable plates and cutlery come in handy for quick meals, avoiding extra stress when you’re already overwhelmed.

Storage Areas

Storage areas like garages, basements, and attics often accumulate forgotten items over time. Taking the time to sort through these areas ensures you don’t leave behind valuable tools, sentimental items, or useful household goods.


In our digital age, chargers are essential. Forgetting them can result in dead phones, laptops, or tablets, which can be a major inconvenience when you’re trying to stay connected during the move.

Toiletries and Shower Curtain

It’s easy to forget to pack toiletries because you use them daily until the last moment. A shower curtain may not seem essential, but you’ll need it for your first refreshing shower in your new home. Forgetting these items can lead to inconvenience and extra expenses.

Household Plants

Some people form deep attachments to their houseplants. If you want to take your plants with you, plan ahead. Most moving companies won’t transport them due to their fragile nature. Decide whether you’ll leave them with a friend, donate them, or take the risk of moving them yourself.

Miscellaneous Items

Don’t forget about items stored in your garage, shed, or closets. Gardening tools, hand tools, keys, and a utility knife are often overlooked but essential for settling into your new home comfortably.

Packing for a move is a detailed and time-consuming process. Following a packing timeline can help you stay organized, avoid costly mistakes, and ensure that you remember to pack all your essentials, leaving you with a smoother and less stressful transition to your new home.

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